Grange and Armada Development Association is delighted to welcome Dr Bob Curran to Sligo for the Lecture Series during the Celtic Fringe Festival 2016

A native of County Down, Northern Ireland, Dr Bob Curran has worked in a number of jobs including grave-digger, lorry driver and journalist He has travelled in a number of parts of the world before returning and taking up work in education. He has also written a number of books on history and folklore which have been translated into several languages including French, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese and of course Spanish. He currently lives on the Causeway Coast with his wife and family.

The Armada on the Causeway Coast

Whilst many of the Armada shipwrecks occurred in the Irish Republic, the Northern shores were not exempt. One of the greatest, and most tragic maritime disasters of this time occurred off Dunluce Castle, Co. Antrim with the loss of La Girona – the fabled Armada treasure-ship. And this may not have been the only Armada disaster in this area. Also discussed will be survivors such as Francesco de Cuellar and Pedro Blanco. Because the North has connections with Scotland it is proposed to historically examine links to the San Juan de Sicilia, the celebrated Dons of Westray and the Quoy of the Dons.

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