Minutes of GADA AGM 2015


Grange and Armada Development Association
Annual General  Meeting 2015
Held on 29th March 2016

In Attendance:   Tom Haran, Seamus Connolly, Donal Gilroy, Przemek Raiwa, Declan Bruen, Tom Hayes, Eddie O Gorman, Paul Gibson.

Apologies:  Sean Mc Donald, Prannie Rhatigan, Marie Casserly, Dagmara Raiwa, Peter Farrell.

Chairman: Eddie O Gorman


Item 1. Report of the Chairman plotting the main events from 2015

In brief

  • The Chairman thanked all members for their efforts during the year in planning, organising, running and attending the various events and happenings that were undertaken in 2015, particularly the Glens to Sea programme of conversations, Yeats 150 Calvary performance, Harp Festival of Moons(Lissadell and Grange), St Patrick’s Day Parade Float, the Weather Beaten Archaeology Conference, Get Involved Awards Event, De Cuellar Trail Streedagh to Stáid, Sponsorship Programme, Stand at Sligo Agricultural Show, and especially our 5th Celtic Fringe Festival.
  • He also thanked the wider community who helped, particularly during the festival.
  • Important events relating to the wrecks include the recovery of timbers, the survey by the UAU and the subsequent recovery of cannons, cauldron and carriage wheel.
  • The 5th Celtic fringe festival took place in September, ran smoothly and attracted international attention.
  • Recognition of our efforts and awareness of our role in promoting the Armada story came by way of sponsorship by the Spanish Embassy of the Celtic Fringe Festival and an invitation to the Spanish National Day Reception at the  Embassy.

(The full report is available on request )

Item 2. Treasurers Report

Declan presented his report in draft as statements from the Credit Union came too late to be included. The full report will be presented at an EGM. The amended accounts for 2014 will also be dealt with at that time.

Item 3. Nomination & Election of Officeholders

Position Nominee Proposed by Seconded by
Chairman Eddie O Gorman Tom Hayes Declan Bruen
Assistant Chair Tom Hayes Eddie O Gorman Declan Bruen
Secretary Seamus Connolly Eddie O Gorman Tom Haran
Assistant Secretary Paul Gibson Eddie O Gorman Tom Hayes
Treasurer Declan Bruen Eddie O Gorman Seamus Connolly

All nominees were unanimously elected to the respective offices.

It was proposed that all other members who have served on the committee in 2015 will continue to serve as committee members. Any member who did not attend at the AGM and does not wish to continue as a committee member should advise the secretary in writing.

No other  motions were received for the meeting.

Item 4. AOB

  • A vote of sympathy was proposed to the family of the recently deceased Local Spanish Consul Maria Lyons neé Diaz Caneja.
  • Niall Delaney from Ocean Fm has made contact about making a radio documentary on the Armada and will be seeking the cooperation of GADA
  • TG4 have also expressed an interest in doing the same


Next full GADA meeting is scheduled for Tue 26th April at 9:30pm in Courthouse

Subcommittees should schedule meetings in the interim to progress their projects.


Minutes prepared by Seamus Connolly


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