The Rudder from Streedagh Beach

A 20ft Rudder from the 1588 Spanish Armada Wrecks at Streedagh was discovered recently by Raymond O’Connor on the beach at Streedagh. He contacted our Association and the Underwater Archaeology Unit of the Department of Environment Heritage and Local Government about the find and has kept it in safe storage at his yard since.

Dr Nessa O’Connor and Dr Doug McElvogue, speakers at Celtic Fringe Festival Lecture Series, were invited to examine the find and offer advice on what action should be taken.
Dr O’Connor was so impressed with the find that she has organised for the rudder to be taken into care by the National Museum and preserved and protected for further study. The Rudder was collected on Tuesday September 30th.

The recently found Rudder is partially damaged and part of it is missing. This is an important piece of history and Grange and Armada Development Association would appreciate if anyone who found such a piece would contact any member of the group so that these 2 important artefacts can be reunited. This is our very own missing treasure.

On behalf of the association operation was coordinated by Donal Gilroy.

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