Streedagh Walk with Auriel Robinson from Seatrails

walk with auriel 4

A guided walk with Auriel Robinson from Seatrails at Streedagh was a fieldtrip which was being carried out as part of a project „Costal Heritage Sites of Sligo” for „Heritage Connects Communites” Peace III Project.

During the walk, Auriel discussed the following:
A summary of the history and story of how three ships became wrecked here in 1588
The sites relating to the wreckage and sites relating to Captain Francisco de Cuellar and his escape such as Staad and Ahamlish church/abbey sites.
The lay of the land and seascape at Streedagh, (including Inishmurray and Donegal Bay) and what ancient maps tell us.
The results of excavation and any other info that can be obtained on work carried out thereafter.

Thank you everyone for coming. Thank you Auriel Robinson for all the fascinating information. Thank you Przemyslaw Raiwa for photo report.

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